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Latin American and Ballroom

Latin American Dance

These dance forms are couples-based dances which derived from Latin American countries. They are performed in competitions, similar to Ballroom dance, and in dance clubs and festivals. They are generally known for their fast pace and expressive rhythm.

Ballroom Dance

This dance style includes several techniques such as the Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Ballroom Tango. These are all social dances which were seen throughout Western Society from around the beginning of the twentieth century. These dance techniques vary in style but are all partner dances; today they are most commonly seen at competitions, at social gatherings or on stage.

Syllabi & Training

Children and students are encouraged to develop a sound basic technique, combined with an understanding of partner work and performance skills. Both of these elements are essential for Latin American & Ballroom training. The syllabus has been carefully developed in order to provide a full and comprehensive training, both for children and young adults who wish to dance for pleasure as well as for those interested in professional training.


The Latin American & Ballroom Dance syllabus offers a wide variety of tests and awards for amateur/social dancers including Rosettes, Stardance Awards, Pre-juvenile Groups Awards, Preparatory and Primary Grades; plus a wide range of medal tests in many genres, from one dance through Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and advancing through the Bars, Stars and President’s Awards to the International Supreme Award. For the medal tests and higher awards, the dances are choreographed by the teacher and build in length and complexity. The Association also offers social dance awards, and team awards.

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