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Modern and Jazz

Modern Theatre/Jazz Technique

The Modern Theatre/Jazz Technique has developed and evolved with the changing fashions in dance. Through a careful amalgamation of a variety of dance styles such as Modern, Ballet and Jazz, the Modern/Jazz Technique was formed. The technique provides an ideal opportunity for a late starter or beginner to explore his or her passion for dance in a fun, energetic and exciting environment.

Syllabi & Training

Poise, posture and placing are fundamental principles of the technique as well as flexibility, strength and stamina. The value of performance skills, artistry and creativity are all highlighted and nurtured within the syllabus. A rich and varied movement vocabulary is provided by the Modern/Jazz syllabi, which trains young people to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance.


A series of examinations have been created. The children’s work is based on natural movement: walking, running, jumping and skipping. It is designed to develop an imaginative and rapid response from beginners. The Jazz Awards provide a basic grounding in Modern Jazz, and are ideal for the late beginner or as a recreational course of movement. Boys’ work has been developed to meet increasing demand for Modern Dance training for boys.

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