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Camp Hawthorns Terms & Conditions & What to bring

Below are a few quick reminders about Camp Hawthorns:

  • Your payment must be received prior to your child attending Camp Hawthorns.
  • Indoor Wet & Wild takes place every day for Multi-Activity Days, so please send your child along with a towel, swimming costume and goggles as well as a dry set of clothes and anything else your child may need.
  • Woodland Adventure takes place most days for Multi-Activity Days (weather permitting!). Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing and if possible a pair of old shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.
  • Roller-skating takes place some Thursdays, please check with the website ( and ensure your child brings thick socks!
  • Please provide refreshments and snacks for break time and a packed lunch (please note that we do not have fridges available so ice packs will be needed, also The Hawthorns has a NO NUT POLICY).
  • Please provide any medication needed for your child.  This should be clearly labelled with their name, dosage and any instructions (A form will need to be completed at drop off for this).
  • Please ensure your child’s clothing, trainers, towels etc are named.
  • Phones and electrical devices that have access to the internet or have a camera are not If such items are brought in they should be handed to a member of staff on arrival and will be returned on collection.
  • If your child is being collected by a third party, The Manager must be informed at morning drop off.
  • All Morning activities start at 9.30am so if you haven’t arrived by then you will need to alert the main centre office of your arrival who will take your children to the correct group.
  • If you wish to pick your child up early or drop off later please ring 07802725750 and we will come and collect your child.

Welcome to Camp Hawthorns

Camp Hawthorns is available to all children aged from 4 (reception) to 12 years(Year 8), running a huge variety of fun packed children’s activities.  Camp Hawthorns is run through holidays Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm.

Please update your registration on Clubs Buddy to keep our records up to date, e.g. phone number, home address, allergies etc. (


Refund requests may only be granted for medical difficulties, proof of which must be supplied.  Requests should then be put in writing and marked for the attention of the Camp Hawthorns Manager.  Credit may be offered by the Camp Hawthorns Manager.


Your child must wear comfortable clothes and shoes that they can run around in and that you do not mind getting dirty. We may need to change or adapt activities due to weather or operational reasons. They will need to bring a jacket/coat, swimwear, a packed lunch with drink, any items of clothing needed for skating (i.e. socks) and an additional drink which must be reusable and clearly labeled with your child’s name. 


We are unable to provide food so please ensure that food is brought in for your child. At Camp Hawthorns we promote healthy living and healthy eating, so we encourage parents to supply their children with a suitably healthy packed lunch. Also due to allergies children are not allowed to bring any nut products e.g. peanut butter. Any information on healthy eating can be found on the ‘eat well’ website (


Camp Hawthorns will be following the latest guidelines as laid down by Public Health England regarding COVID-19.

We actively promote good hygiene practice and take positive steps to prevent the spread of infection. We will not accept your child if they have had vomiting and/or diarrhoea until they have been clear for 48hrs.   All other communicable/infectious diseases will require exclusion until a G.P. has advised otherwise.

Parents are asked to notify us immediately if your child is suspected of having any communicable/infectious diseases.

Existing injury: If your child has sustained an injury could you please notify a member of staff on arrival, this will be documented and will enable us to observe any developments.

Non-emergency injuries: If your child sustains a non-emergency injury while at Camp Hawthorns you will be notified. This will be documented and parents informed on collection.

Medication will not be administered by Camp Hawthorns staff, with the exception of any medical condition that may require emergency administration i.e. asthma, epilepsy, acute allergies. At the time of registration this will be discussed and a consent form completed.  If you have administered any medication prior to the session please notify us in case of side effects or reactions.


If you have any concerns you may have regarding your child within Camp Hawthorns, please do not hesitate to raise them with the Camp Hawthorns Manager as soon as possible.  This will help everyone concerned have a clear understanding of what is expected and achievable. 


Any complaints or concerns you have should be discussed with the Camp Hawthorns Manager– Iain Bannon, who will try and resolve them.  Complaints or concerns will be investigated and you will be notified of the outcome in writing.

Safeguarding Children

We will follow the procedures set out in the Local Authority Child Protection Document and the Camp Hawthorns Safeguarding policy.


Children benefit most when you manage their behaviour in a positive and consistent way.   By positively promoting good behaviour, praising, sharing and valuing co-operation we hope to ensure that children will develop as responsible members of society. 

Parents as Partners

Camp Hawthorns staff will work with parents as partners in providing quality care for their children. Exchanging information on a daily basis will help everyone concerned to provide a happy and secure environment and offer continuity of care for the individual child.

Equal opportunities

Each child will be valued and respected in their own right.  Every child will be offered equal opportunity through play, to support their learning and development.


Information that is shared with Camp Hawthorns staff will remain confidential. In the case of any

safeguarding issues, the information will be shared with a relevant professional.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Iain and the Camp Hawthorns Team

01883 743377  ext 2025

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